12 Days of Disney Challenge: Day 8

day eight: free write (talk about anything you want regarding Disney or DCP)

Yes, I’ve fallen behind yet again on my blog post, but I suppose that’s a small price to pay if it means having my apartment mostly packed up (yay)!
I’m incredibly nervous. Well, nervous, but excited.
“I was nervous, but excited, so I started singing a song called “Nervous, But Excited.” People just stared at me. There was zero choreography… Zero!”
(Seriously all I can think about when I hear someone say they’re nervous, but excited. Favorite SNL skit ever.)
Yes, I’m writing this post late (it should have been written on Day 8, but today is day 9 (EEP)), so it is actually pretty close to time for me to leave, can you believe it?! Having to pack up my entire apartment has been chaotic, but it’s so exciting because it means I’m moving onto bigger things. I’m really nervous to leave my family and friends, but I know what I’m doing is going to set me apart from competition in the future and it is quite honestly the experience of a lifetime. I can’t even begin to explain how blessed I feel. Yes, the shifts will be long, yes people will sometimes be grumpy… But I am fulfilling a longtime dream and that’s worth any bad day.
Today I packed some of my clothes into my suitcase and the feeling I had was just unbelievable. It was unbelievable to have the knowledge that this was really happening. I went from randomly deciding to apply on a beautifully optimistic night in August to my nerve-wrecking web interview to cramming and having my phone interview to being accepted and so excited… Then there was the waiting… And now? It’s finally here. It’s finally happening.
I am so excited.