february goals

I was inspired to write this post after seeing Danielle of Sometimes Sweet post her own February goals! Maybe posting them on here will make me more accountable. 😉

1. Drink more water. I’ve gotten a little better at this, but I know the only way I’m going to feel better is by staying hydrated. It can be so hard to get in a good amount of water in a day, but I think if I plan it out; I can get there.
2. Bring lunch to work (more often). I’m not being so ambitious to completely drop my habit of going to the commissary, but I need to make a personal initiative of bringing my lunch especially when I know there is a fridge available. That $5 I spend on chicken and fries could be put towards new shoes! I’ve just got to keep that very thing in mind.
3. Think before I buy. It’s really hard for me to grasp the concept that I will be able to go to Disneyland anytime I want until August. Anytime I see something in a store that I really want, I’ll usually jump to get it. I really need to slow down and realize that I do have the luxury of thinking before I buy!
4. Pick up after myself. This I have definitely gotten better at since moving, but I know there is room for improvement. Being on the go all the time, it’s almost critical to be picking up after myself. If anything, I want to create a basket organizational system where I can tell what needs to be put away and addressed and what needs to find a home.
5. Stay in more. I went into this program feeling like I couldn’t say “no” to anything. Everyone told me, “go to the parks with friends, even when you’re tired.” … But I’m realizing I’m really hardly ever home. I need to make time to just sit down and relax a little before I burn out.
Bonus goal: Read more. I didn’t realize until yesterday how little I read now. Whether it’s articles online or a good book, my brain could definitely use more stimulation.
I think my thoughts are needing to be focused on self-appreciation and self-health. The more I can value myself and my body, the better I’ll feel! I’m hoping that slowing down and having some reflection time is really going to help me reach these goals.