new february beauty faves

This month has been all about trying new things, so I’d love to share some new beauty favorites with you guys that I discovered and fell in love with recently! Hope you guys enjoy! Share in the comments below if you’ve got any products that I need to know about!

1. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash?(available for purchase February 27)
I visited my local Sephora and got a VIB sample of this awesome mascara and absolutely love it! I already have long eyelashes, but always find getting that perfect curl to be a challenge! For it to really work, you have to know how to use it. I start with the brush looking line a frowny face, or an arc with the ends facing down. Then, I roll it up my lashes inward until it’s a smiley face (an arc with the ends facing up). I don’t stop there, though. On it’s own the mascara wouldn’t be very effective since it’s such a thin consistency and isn’t exactly waterproof. I take my They’re Real! Mascara (by Benefit as well) and add a protective top coat. I’ve never had mascara stay so well! With a lot of mascaras, my lashes will look beautiful at first, but I’ll end up having raccoon eyes within an hour, but this mascara truly stays put. As you can see in my photo below, there is a dramatic difference. The first photo is with no mascara, the second is just Roller Lash and the third is Roller Lash and They’re Real! I’m looking forward to doing a review of Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash once I’ve worn it for a couple of weeks! When I take my mascara off, I like to use a serum afterward. I use something similar to Xlash, as I just want my lashes to be as healthy as possible and as long as possible. I sometimes have lash extensions as I really do love having long lashes but they’re quite heavy so I think using a serum gives my lashes a little extra boost.

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2. Bite Beauty Matte Cr?me Lip Crayon in Tatin
Okay, as much as I like to say I’m a lipstick girl, I’m really not a lipstick girl. I own dozens of lipsticks but end up using my tinted lip balms and glosses more than I’ll ever use lipsticks. I just find them to be so intimidating. Lining my lips is hard and then I’m afraid to eat or drink and then I’m afraid my lips are going to be too dry and it’s going to look crappy. But. But! This lip crayon has actually been what I’ve been reaching for the past week (*gasp*). Hear me out, though! Because it’s more like a crayon, I feel like the lining is made easy! Plus, the color is just a little pinker than my actual lip color, so it’s just an accentuation of my real color which makes me feel a little more fearless when wearing it. I may even branch out into some different colors, who knows! This is just a win in my books. I mean, is this color fabulous or what? (featuring the carousel at Disneyland)

3. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow
I’ve apparently been on a Benefit kick; I couldn’t leave this product out! I’ve been using the Anastasia Brow Gel forever, but have only felt meh about it. Then, I went to get a new bottle of it and it looked super discolored and smelled weird, so I decided that was a sign that I just needed to find a new brow gel. So, I hurriedly picked this one up as a replacement and found I actually like it! I hadn’t really researched or looked at it as an option before, but I’m glad I picked it up the other day! I love that the wand is so small because it allows for more natural placement of the gel. It seems to pick up hair more than skin which is also great, because using brow gel does not come very easy for me! I just love how uniform brow gel makes my eyebrows look and how it makes them look just a teensy bit darker and more defined. It has definitely beat out my Anastasia Brow Gel.