Spring SoCal Staples

1. Cardigans

Despite the fact that everyone thinks it’s super warm in SoCal all the time, I always have those days where I’m begging for warmth because it’s so dang cold! My favorite cardigans right now are from Forever 21 (I’m actually wearing this one right now). I feel like I have a cardigan for every situation from short ones to wear with dresses to button ups to drapey cardigans! They’re just so great for finishing off and outfit and providing a little shield from the chill!

2. The Perfect Lippie
I feel like this spring is the spring for lips to shine. Whether you use a subtle nude, a striking peony or a bold red; polished lips are in.

3. Sunscreen
In the winter, sunscreen takes a backseat, but as it gets closer and closer to spring, I feel like I’m lathering on the sunscreen like nobody’s business! Probably the most important accessory on the list. I burn super quickly and goodness knows nothing looks good with bright red skin. So there! I really love Neutrogena, but my newest love has to be Aveeno! A lot of sunscreen makes my hands dry and uncomfortable, but Aveeno seriously feels like butter! Plus, it doesn’t break me out.
4. External Battery Charger
January was busy with New Year’s resolutions, February with loving and March? March is where it gets really crazy. I mean, Spring Break is coming up! Usually my battery is good through a normal day so long as I charge it in the car, but I find my external battery being used more and more for daily use rather than just Disney days! I have the EasyAcc Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank. I love that there are two USB ports so I can charge more than one device at a time! Whenever I pull it out, you can bet I have a friend begging to use it, so it’s great to be able to charge them at the same time rather than choosing who gets to charge their phone first!
5. Hat
After spending the day in San Diego, an absolute dream compared to Anaheim (Sorry, Disneyland), I realized that hats are a ridiculously important aspect of life here in the spring. Plus, the jealousy I am feeling towards all of my friends back in AZ getting to go on Spring Break this week is killer. I wanna go to Mexico, too! I guess buying a cute sunhat instead will have to suffice. I mean, how cute is that periwinkle bow?! hats