Doing: Working Photopass here at Disneyland all the time. I love how this job has so much variation. One day I could be working in front of the castle, the next day I could be working at the view station and the next I could be working with Mickey. It definitely keeps things interesting around here.
I’m also spending a lot of time exploring lately, whether it be SoCal or Disneyland, I’ve been all about trying new things. Yesterday I spent some time at the fitness expo here for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and the other day I went to a baseball game!

Missing: My puppies and family back in Arizona. I’ve been here in California since January and while I love it here, I really can’t help missing Arizona. This program has been such an amazing experience, but I can’t wait to get back to Arizona is August!
I’m also really missing school. I know that sounds so weird, but I miss learning. I’m really excited to get back to Cronkite.
Although, I’m sure once August comes around, I’ll be missing Disneyland just as much.

Reading: Much more than usual. Yay! That was something I wanted to work on and I’m glad I’ve succeeded. I just finished The Knockoff  and I really loved it. Pick it up if you get the chance; it’s a great beach read.

Watching: My favorite new show… Younger! I’ve always loved Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff so having them in a show together means no-brain love for me. I’m also catching up on my Once Upon a Time and can definitely say I’ve missed it quite a bit! I’m also on a hair and makeup tutorial kick. I love getting new ideas for hair and makeup to wear out and even to work! I find myself braiding my hair almost every day at work, so I love finding new ways to braid it!