I think it’s summertime?

It’s so strange being somewhere other than Arizona for an entire summer.
I guess I’ve become so used to the heat that temperatures anywhere under 105 just don’t feel like summer to me! That would definitely explain why my fashion/beauty influences have been so spring-infused lately! I have to share some of my favorites right now! Hopefully I can make my style a little more summer than spring soon!

summertime loves

I am so obsessed with braids lately, it’s ridiculous. For hairstyles, anything that is loose and flow-y, but still perfectly in place has been my go-to. I’m still trying to get down that perfectly relaxed curl with my short hair, but I feel like mixing my usual curl with a braid at least helps relax it a bit.

Style-wise, I’ve been loving natural textures and products. Brown leathers and drapey fabrics have definitely been cycled through a lot these past couple of weeks. For some reason, I keep going back and forth between stuff like kimonos and my Birkenstocks (which I am in LOVE with) and more polished accessories like structured Kate Spade bags and dainty watches. I’m struggling to get to that happy medium that doesn’t involve me looking like a crazy carrying around a beautiful pink Kate Spade bag while running around in my Birks.

When it comes to makeup, I’m pretty constant, but I’ve been gravitating towards strong, bold brows and moisturized, colorful lips a lot! I recently tried out the Benefit Brow Bar over at Brea Mall and I think I’m in love. My brows are pretty much on fleek now. Yes, I did use that word. I’m still working on finding the perfect mix of makeup, but I think I’m getting there! I’ve been playing with a Nars foundation lately and trying out the Urban Decay setting spray, so we’ll see how that goes!

I’ve also been lusting over getting a tattoo which is the strangest thing ever for me, but there is an artist on Instagram who does these amazing florals and I think one on my inner upper arm would just be beautiful! You know, somewhere I could hide with the cardigans that I inevitably wear all the time for work functions, but pretty and in a great spot to show off normally. Obviously something to think on and probably something that won’t happen for a while, but still a whim!

Another thing, I am ridiculously desperate to have pretty nails again. Working at Disney, I have to keep my nails short and unfortunately very neutral, but I can’t wait to jump back into some beautiful designs when I get home!

Speaking of which I can’t believe I only have a little less than 2 months left here. Then, I’ll be going home and back to Arizona State University to finish up my journalism and mass communications degree! I finally sat down and was able to map out my major, so I’m glad I’ve got an idea of what I’m going to need to do in the next couple of years to make that happen. So excited to see where the future takes me.

In fact, it will not be too long before I need to start applying for jobs! I cannot wait to be able to use my writing talents to earn a living. Some friends of mine are Freelance editors so I am definitely going to be asking them for some career tips. Ideally, I want to be able to work from home, so I think a freelance position would suit me best. Wish me luck!