A Moment with Mustard

I must be craving fall right now because I cannot get over the color mustard. I mean, with just the mention of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, my heart flutters a little… I just love fall! The weather in Arizona goes from hell-like to beautiful, I can actually walk around outside… It’s kind of like Arizona’s spring but instead of waiting for the ice and snow to melt, we’re waiting for ourselves to stop melting.
look #1 featuring mustard sweater
I really love this look. It features a tote I’m totally lusting over (The Transport tote from Madewell) and a nice, cozy sweater… You know, things that are completely impractical at the moment, but totally love worthy.
look #2 featuring mustard pumps
I may need this dress. I feel like it’s the perfect non-black little black dress, if you get what I mean. Plus, how can you not love the Gryffindor-eque color combo that’s going on?
look #3 featuring mustard scarf
This is a more casual take on mustard. Plus, pizza. Nough’ said.