D23 Expo 2015 Recap: Day two

Day two of D23 Expo was definitely the craziest. I think it’s absolutely nuts that D23 decided to put the Live Action and Parks and Resorts presentations on the same day. Especially when there’s an expected Star Wars Land announcement… Chaos definitely ensued.
We arrived at 6:00am and the Live Action presentation was already full. They closed it off to newcomers and we ended up just waiting in the overflow/standby queue. Yes, we waited four and a half hours for a presentation when we didn’t even know if we’d get in. I’m only slightly crazy.
However, we did get in and the presentation was ridiculously amazing. There were so many great surprises and sneak peaks from seeing Josh Gad sing as Lefou to seeing Chris Pine and Chris Evans (!!!) to the announcement of the Star Wars themed lands coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Oh, and Johnny Depp threw grapes at us while dressed as Jack Sparrow so that was pretty fantastic as well.
After the presentation, it was already time to line up for the Parks and Resorts presentation: aka the presentation I pretty much live for. It was a pretty good mix of surprises, information and Stan Lee. Yup. Stan Lee showed up… So did Iron Man himself! It was just a really great time.
After the two presentations, I got to catch up a bit with my friends and even went through the looking glass as a few popular Alice in Wonderland characters!
The biggest highlight of course? My dad fought Ultron. ‘Nough said.