Five Things You Need To Know For D23 Expo 2017

With 2015’s D23 Expo behind us, it’s already time to start planning for D23 Expo 2017! Crazy, right?
Here are my top five tips for D23 Expo to make sure you’re prepared to have a great weekend!

One: Have outfits planned for each day that are comfy and cute!
Not only is it just so fun to dress up and Disneybound or Cosplay, but there are so many photo ops available at D23 Expo that I like to make sure I look my best. This year, I only planned out two of my outfits, which was an ultimate regret. I pulled something together the third day, but I wish I had gone into it a little more prepared. Next Expo, I think I’m going to work on three creative outfits and have a cute dress as a back-up in case something happens. Do keep in mind, however, that this is an Expo and lots of sitting, standing and walking occurs so try and put comfort into the equation too! I ended up wearing my Birkenstocks for two days because I got a blister the first day. Just be prepared! On that note, also bring a sweater or jacket because it gets SO cold downstairs waiting, especially when you’re sitting still for long periods of time.

Two: Plan on getting up early.
Almost every day, if you didn’t get inside by seven, you were going to be waiting outside. That means waiting til 9am (when the line starts moving) for Gold/Silver D23 Members and til 10am for normal members. That’s a pretty long time to be waiting outside, especially in the heat! I think it’s worth it to go in a bit earlier to be comfortable. Just bring a blanket that can be folded up (either bring a backpack or rely on the bags they always give out) and something to keep you busy! I’d suggest card games or something that is easy to pack up and carry.

Three: Don’t forget your phone charger and an external battery!
With all the waiting, it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to end up being on your phone for a bit. Whether browsing social media, playing games or even reading a book, your battery is going to be drained! I always make sure I’m prepared by bringing my external battery and my charger. That way, if I get separated from my group (when I’m stuck on the four mile long bathroom line), I can always get a hold of them! This year D23 also offered WiFi so that really helped pass the time without taking a hit to my data plan. I definitely worked on my Tsum Tsum skills.

Four: Always bring snacks and come prepared with caffeine.
You think you’re going to have time to eat and then you don’t and then you’re cranky and that’s just not fun. Do not underestimate the lines for food. Despite the introductions of food trucks, it feels like there’s still not enough places to get food from at D23 Expo. So, I like to make sure I have some snack foods and some protein bars too! I also put a couple water bottles in my bag because there’s nothing worse than being dehydrated. On the topic of caffeine, we went to Starbucks before the convention (on Euclid and Chapman to avoid the lines of the one nearest to the Convention Center) and I don’t think I could have gotten through my day without it. You could also always bring coffee for your room and a reusable mug to take it to the Convention Center!

Five: Don’t go to Disneyland after your day at the expo!
I know this sounds crazy, being so close to Disneyland, but seriously, trying to go to the parks after the expo is ridiculously draining. I compared my experience from the year when we tried to go to the parks to this year, and this year was relatively tantrum free in comparison! By the time you get home from the expo and grab a bite to eat, it honestly may be eight o’clock and if you’re waking up at 5, you should probably be in bed by 9 or 10 at the latest. Going to the park just exerts so much energy; it’s crazy to do both at once! Plus, unless you have an annual pass, I see it as a waste of a ticketed day. Just save your energy for the expo and focus on the parks the days before or after it’s all over.
That’s it for my tips! Do you have any of your own? Share them below!
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