fall favorite bloggers

Whenever a new season hits, I always feel the itch to refresh. Most people have “Spring Cleaning” I have a sort of Seasonal Refresh. So, I wanted to share with you guys some bloggers that are at the top of my fall style watch list! I’m blog-crushin’.

Kate from The Small Things Blog— I have some serious hair envy when I look at Kate’s beautiful locks! She is such a talented hair stylist. I’ve been following her on YouTube forever and just love watching her tutorials.

Kendi from Kendi Everyday— Do you have that one favorite blogger that you just can’t miss a post from? That’s how I am with Kendi’s blog. She has beautiful outfit compilations and I just love her wit in her blog posts.

Kaelah from This Charming Life— I have been following Kaelah through a couple blog name changes and I’ve always been loyal! She has the best posts, especially if you want to read something unique. Her “Rad Girl, Rad Gig” column is one of my favorites. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a candle maker? She just comes up with the best ideas. Her link shares are always great, too. Plus, her personal style and interior design skills are on point.

Danielle from Sometimes Sweet— This is the blog I go to when I want to read really good, hearty writing. Plus, she lives in Arizona which makes her a billion times more awesome than your normal blogger. If you’re an Arizonian, she just shared the perfect day in Prescott if you’re planning a day trip!